Hotel Occupancy in January 2019 increases compared to previous year

Okupashon di hotèl a oumentá den Yanüari 2019 kompará ku aña anterior.


Willemstad, 1 di Maart 2019 – Den Yanüari di 2019 Kòrsou a registrá un okupashon di hotèl di 84.7%. Kompará ku 2018 (78.2%) esaki ta un oumento di 6.5 punto di porsentahe.

E tarifa promedio diario (ADR) tambe a subi ku 10.6% kompará ku 2018 pa $212.89.

Pa loke ta trata e entrada pa kamber disponibel, sifranan ta indiká un oumento di 19.8%. E entrada pa kamber disponibel na Yanüari 2018 tabata $150.38 i na 2019 e tabata $180.21.

Turistanan proveniente di paisnan ku ta friu den invierno tin un gran demanda pa vakashon den paisnan kaluroso manera Kòrsou. A konsekuensia di e demanda akí, nos por mira un kresementu den okupashon i tambe tarifa promedio diario, kual outomátikamente ta nifiká un oumento den entrada pa kamber disponibel.

Sifranan di okupashon di hotèl ta kolektá tur luna pa STR I ta basá riba 11-14 propiedat kual ta representá un total di 2500 kamber riba nos isla.


Nota: E sifranan di Yanüari 2019 ta sifranan preliminar di STR



Hotel Occupancy in January 2019 increases compared to previous year


Willemstad, March 1 2019 In January of 2019 Curacao registered a hotel occupancy of 84.7%. Compared to 2018 (78.2%) this is an increase of 6.5 percentage points.  

The Average Daily Rate (ADR) also increased with 10.6% compared to 2018, to $212.89.

As for the revenue per available room, it also registered a significant increase of 19.8%. The revenue per available room in January 2018 was $150.38 and in 2019 it was $180.21.

With Curacao enjoying favorable weather all year long, January is still a great month for a sunny vacation destination, especially for other countries during their cold winter time.  This demand leads to an increase of occupancy as well as the ADR, which automatically also means an increase in RevPAR.

The data on hotel performance is collected monthly by STR. The figures are based on 11-14 properties which represent a total of 2500 rooms on the island.


Note: The data of January 2019 is based on preliminary figures from STR


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