2019 a start positivo11% kresementu den turismo di estadia

2019 a start positivo 11% kresementu den turismo di estadia


WILLEMSTAD – 28 di febrüari 2019 – Kòrsou su produkto turístiko ta keda atraé míles di bishitante pa nos isla, esei por keda konkluí for di e sifranan kontinuo di kresementu di turismo di estadia. Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta raportá sifranan preliminar pa yanüari 2019. Na yanüari 2019 e kantidat di turista di estadia a konosé un kresementu di dòbel sifra di 11% den kantidat di turista di estadia. Den sifranan apsoluto ta trata di 4.416 turista mas durante e promé luna di 2019 hibando e total na 44.151 turista di estadia kompará ku 39.735 na yanüari 2018. Yanüari 2019 tambe ta un luna kaminda nos a konosé diferente rèkòrt pa ku kantidat di turista di estadia:

  • Mas di 18.000 turista di estadia for di Hulanda
  • 768 turista di estadia prosedente di Canada

Kòrsou a surpasá e kantidat rèkòrt di turista di estadia for di Hulanda ku a keda risibí na desèmber 2018. Aña a kuminsá ku un prestashon positivo kaminda 18.298 turista di estadia a bishitá nos isla for di e pais ku mas ta produsí pa Kòrsou. Esaki ta un kresementu di 7% kompará ku yanüari 2018. Introdukshon di e buelonan di Condor for di Frankfurt, Alemania ku a kuminsá 7 di novèmber 2018 a resultá den kresementu positivo for di Alemania. Un total di 1.753 turista Aleman a keda risibí na yanüari 2019 kual ta un kresementu di 33% kompará ku yanüari 2018.

E esfuersonan kontinuo di merkadeo di Kòrsou dor di CTB i su partnernan ta kosechando su frutanan pa nos isla. E kantidat di turista risibí for di Nort Amérika ta representá 24% di e total di turista ku a bishitá nos isla. Total 10.534 turista di estadia a keda risibí for di Estádos Unídos i Canada. Tur dos pais a registrá kresementu di dòbel sifra di 14% na yanüari 2019. Estádos Unídos a registrá 6.766 turista di estadia miéntras for di Canada un kantidat rèkòrt di 3.768 turista di estadia a keda risibí. Canada ta benefisiá di e kresementu den airlift for di e buelonan adishonal ku Air Canada e temporada di wenter aki.

Sur Amérika a presta bon registrando sifranan dòbel di kresementu. E region a krese ku 24%. Den sifranan apsoluto un total di 7.519 turista di estadia a keda risibí na yanüari 2019 for di Sur Amérika. Colombia i Brazil a registrá kresementu di respektivamente 22% i 12% den kantidat di turista di estadia.

Impakto ekonómiko i kantidat di anochi pa turista

CTB i MEO ta usa e modelo ‘Turistika’ pa kalkulá e impakto ekonómiko ku ta keda generá for di industria di turismo. Un impakto direkto di 127 mion florin a keda generá pa ekonomia lokal na yanüari 2019. E impakto direkto generá for di turismo na yanüari 2019 ta 6% mas kompará ku yanüari 2018. 45.6% di e impakto direkto total ta generá for di bishitantenan for di Europa kualnan ta responsabel pa 58 mion florin. Nort Amérika, Sur Amérika i otro regionnan a generá respektivamente 34, 21 i 14 mion florin. E kantidat total di anochi pa turista a krese ku 5% na yanüari 2019. Total 411.846 anochi a keda registrá na yanüari. Turistanan for di Europa a keda 261.388 anochi na Kòrsou kual ta un kresementu di 4%. Turistanan prosedente di Nort Amérika i Sur Amérika a keda un kantidat di respektivamente 80.806 i 53.802 anochi na yanüari 2019.




2019 off to an impressive start

11% increase in stayover arrivals


WILLEMSTAD – February 28th, 2019


January Visitor Arrivals 2019


Curaçao’s tourism product continues to attract thousands to our island and this is noticeable as there has been continual growth in stayover visitor arrivals. The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting double digit growth of 11% in stayover visitor arrivals for January 2019. Precisely, in total 4,416 more visitors were registered in the first month of 2019, bringing the total count to 44,151 stayover visitors against 39,735 in January 2018.

January 2019 was also a record setting month with the following firsts:

  • Over 18,000 stayover visitors from The Netherlands
  • 3,768 stayover visitors from Canada


The Netherlands surpassed its previous highest number of stayover arrivals recorded in December 2018. The year started with an impressive performance where 18,298 stayover visitors were welcomed out of our main producing country. This is a 7% increase when compared to January 2018.  The introduction of Condor flights from Frankfurt, Germany which began on November 7th 2018 has resulted in positive growth from Germany. 1,753 German visitors were welcomed in January 2019, which was a 33% increase over January 2018.


The continuous support of CTB and partners to brand Curaçao in North America is reaping rewards for the island.  The North American region holds 24% share of all the visitors to Curaçao. In total 10,534 stayover visitors were welcomed from USA and Canada. Both countries registered double digit growth of 14% in January 2019. The USA saw a total of 6,766 stayover visitors, while Canada had  record-breaking number of stayover visitors at 3,768. Canada benefits from increased airlift, brought on by additional flights from Air Canada this winter season.


In total stayover visitors from South America performed well recording double digit growth. The region grew by 24%. In absolute numbers 7,519 stayover visitors were welcomed in January 2019 from South America. Colombia and Brazil registered an increase of respectively 22% and 12% stayover visitors.


Economic Impact and Visitor Nights


CTB and MEO utilizes the ‘Turistika Model’ to calculate the economic impact generated from the tourism industry. A direct impact of $ 69.9 million US dollars is generated for the local economy in January 2019. The direct impact generated from Tourism in January 2019 is 6% more when compared to January 2018. 45.6% of the total direct impact is generated from European visitors who are responsible for $ 31.9 million US dollars. The North American, South American and other regions generated respectively $ 18.5, $ 11.8 and $ 7.7 million US dollars.

The overall visitor nights grew by 5% in January 2019. In total 411,846 visitor nights are registered in January. Out of Europe tourists spent 261,388 nights in Curaçao, a 4% increase. North and South American visitors spent respectively 80,806 and 53,802 nights in January 2019.

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