Airbnb i Kòrsou ta firma Akuerdo di Kolaborashon

Airbnb i Kòrsou
ta firma Akuerdo di Kolaborashon

E MOU ta amplia e kolaborashon eksistente pa promové turismo na Kòrsou mediante ‘home sharing’

Willemstad, Kòrsou, 12 di febrüari 2019 – Awe, Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation (CTDF) a renobá un akuerdo importante ku Airbnb pa promové Kòrsou komo un destinashon turístiko prinsipal i koperá riba algun aria di interes komun.

E akuerdo akí ta reforsá e kolaborashon eksistente, pa generá un desaroyo ekonómiko sostenibel den industria di turismo na Kòrsou mediante e sistema di home sharing.

‘Airbnb ta un komunidat global inigualá di anfitrion i huéspet. Airbnb a krea un forma henteramente nobo di biaha i eksperensiá un destinashon. Kòrsou ta masha kontentu di por hiba su kolaborashon ku e plataforma akí un paso mas leu, ampliando asina nos produkto turístiko i na mes momento empoderá nos siudadanonan,’ segun Paul Pennicook, direktor di Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB).

E komunidat di home sharing ta un komponente di industria di turismo ku ta kresiendo i un propiedat importante di rikesa di e isla. Airbnb ta ofresé mas di 1.900 propiedat rònt parti di e isla, i komo tal ta hunga un papel importante den ekonomia di Kòrsou.

‘Nos ta kontentu di por sigui traha ku CTB pa yuda stimulá industria di turismo, promoviendo un estilo di biahamentu sano ku ta di benefisio direkto pa pueblo di Kòrsou’, segun Carlos Munoz, Campaign Manager, Public Policy and Communications di Airbnb pa Karibe i Sentroamérika. ‘Kòrsou ta un destinashon di klase mundial, i ku e kolaborashon fuerte akí, nos ke pone e isla akí mas ainda den spòtlait, halando atenshon na su kultura riku i e eksperensianan úniko ku ta spera su bishitantenan via home sharing.

Airbnb ta demokratisá turismo na Kòrsou hasiendo esaki mas pagabel i aksesibel i tambe e ta pone e biaheronan di rònt mundu den kontakto direkto ku e komunidatnan lokal, i asina permití e bishitantenan pasa nan tempu riba e isla ‘komo si fuera nan ta hende lokal’.

E anfitrionnan di Airbnb na Kòrsou a risibí aproksimadamente 23.300 huéspet na 2018, ku un estadia promedio di aproksimadamente 8 dia; basta mas largu ku e estadia promedio na e otro partinan di Karibe.

Tin mas di 950 anfitrion na Kòrsou ku ta benefisiá di e desaroyo ekonómiko ku Airbnb ta hasi posibel mediante ‘home sharing’. E anfitrionnan na Kòrsou ta un grupo bastante variá; 57 porshento di nan ta hende muhé i 75 porshento tin entre 30 pa 59 aña di edat.

Den futuro, Airbnb su plan ta di sigui kolaborá pa diversifiká, demokratisá i ekspandé industria di turismo, ku ta asina importante na Kòrsou.

Ku e kolaborashon fuerte ku e tin ku CTO, Airbnb ta traha konstantemente pa stimulá turismo den e region akí, amplia oportunidat ekonómiko i promové biahamentu outéntiko na tur parti di Karibe.

Nota: Firmamentu akuerdo di kolaborashon entre Airbnb i Kòrsou



Tokante Airbnb

Fundá na 2008, Airbnb su mishon ta di kontribuí na un mundu kaminda kada ken por sintié parti di dje mediante un estilo di biahamentu sano ku ta lokal, outéntiko, variá, ku inklushon i sostenibel. Airbnb ta usa teknologia na un manera úniko pa ekonómikamente empoderá miónes di persona rònt mundu, pa nan por hasi uso di nan espasio-,  pashon- i talentonan, i bira empresario den ramo di hospitalidat. Airbnb su merkado di akomodashon ta habri porta na mas di 5 mion lugá úniko ku un biahero por hospedá na dje, den mas ku 81.000 diferente siudat na 191 pais. Airbnb Experiences ta pone e biahero den kontakto, manera nunka ántes, ku un lista largu di aktividat i komunidat lokal. E ta ofresé 20.000 aktividat úniko i personalisá ku hende lokal ta operá den mas di 1000 merkado rònt mundu. Airbnb su plataforma ta konektá hende ku otro riba un base individual i ta di benefisio pa tur e partinan interesá: e anfitrion, e huéspetnan, e empleadonan i e komunidatnan den kua esakinan ta operá.


Airbnb and Curaçao
Sign Partnership Agreement

MOU builds on existing partnership to promote tourism
in Curaçao through home sharing

Willemstad, Curaçao, 12 of February, 2019 – Today, the Curaçao Tourism Development Foundation renewed a significant agreement with Airbnb to promote Curaçao as a leading tourist destination and cooperate in areas of common interest.

The agreement further cements the mutual partnership to generate sustainable economic growth of Curaçao’s tourism industry through home sharing.

“Airbnb is an unrivaled global community of hosts and guests that has created a whole new way to travel and experience a destination. Curaçao is pleased to deepen our partnership with the platform and amplify our tourism product while empowering our citizens,” stated Paul Pennicook, CEO of the Curacao Tourist Board.

The home sharing community in Curaçao is a growing component of the local tourism industry and an important asset to the island’s wealth. With more than 1,900 listings throughout the country, Airbnb plays a significant role in Curaçao’s economy.

“We are pleased to continue to work with the Curaçao Tourist Board to help grow the tourism industry by promoting healthy travel that directly benefits Curaçaoans,” stated Carlos Munoz, Airbnb Campaign Manager, Public Policy and Communications for the Caribbean and Central America. “Our strong partnership aims to further shine a light on Curaçao, a world-class destination, by highlighting the rich culture and unique experiences available to visitors through home sharing.”

Airbnb democratizes travel in Curaçao by making it more affordable and accessible and connecting global travelers to local communities where they can “live as a local.”

In 2018, Airbnb hosts in Curaçao welcomed approximately 23,300 guests with an average trip length of about 8 days, significantly longer than the average stay in other places throughout the Caribbean.

More than 950 hosts in Curaçao benefit from the economic empowerment Airbnb provides through home sharing. Curaçaoan hosts are a diverse group; fifty-seven percent of hosts are female and seventy-five percent of hosts are between the ages of 30 and 59.

Looking forward, Airbnb plans to continue to collaborate to diversify, democratize, and expand the ever-important tourism industry in Curaçao.

With its strong partnership with the CTO, Airbnb is steadily working to drive tourism to the region and expand economic opportunity by promoting authentic travel throughout the Caribbean.




About Curacao

Home to more than 35 captivating beaches, a diverse heritage spanning over 55 different cultures, including Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese, a ‘live and let live’ attitude and stunning European architecture; Curaçao remains an unrivaled tropical escape in the Southern Caribbean.  Recently ranked by USA Today as having one of the “Best Caribbean Beaches,” Curaçao’s natural beauty, world class diving and snorkeling sites are also a favorite with divers and adventure travelers, and its pristine beaches and idyllic weather, situated on the outer fringes of the Hurricane Belt, has won it further accolade and recognition.  Its capital city, Willemstad – a UNESCO World Heritage site – features an iconic colorful Handelskade backdrop, an eclectic roster of museums, monuments, flavorful restaurants and shopping; just a few of the many reasons why Curaçao continues to flourish as one of the most exceptional islands in the region. Air service to Curaçao is available from the United States via JetBlue, flying nonstop from New York’s JFK on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and three daily flights from Miami with American Airlines. American Airlines also flies non-stop to Curaçao from Charlotte weekly. From Canada, non-stop service is available from Toronto year-round with Air Canada and seasonally from Montreal. Seasonal non-stop service from Canada runs via WestJet as well.

To learn more about Curaçao, please visit, call toll free 1.800.328.7222 or download our brochure at Find us on Facebook:, Twitter: @CuracaoTravel or Instagram: CuracaoTB  

About Airbnb

Founded in 2008, Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where people can belong through healthy travel that is local, authentic, diverse, inclusive and sustainable. Airbnb uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents to become hospitality entrepreneurs. Airbnb’s accommodation marketplace provides access to 5+ million unique places to stay in more than 81,000 cities and 191 countries. With Experiences, Airbnb offers unprecedented access to local communities and interests through 20,000 unique, handcrafted activities run by hosts across 1,000+ markets around the world. Airbnb’s people-to-people platform benefits all its stakeholders, including hosts, guests, employees and the communities in which it operates.


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