CHATA kicks of the New Year with the Tourism Industry And recognizes a great pillar of the sector, Mr. Hugo Clarinda / CHATA ta selebrá komienso di aña huntu ku sektor di Turismo I ta rekonosé  sr. Hugo Clarinda pa su tremendo kontribushon na e sektor

CHATA kicks of the New Year with the Tourism Industry

And recognizes a great pillar of the sector, Mr. Hugo Clarinda

Willemstad, Thursday February 7th, 2109.- CHATA’s new year’s event was an explosion of color, art, tasty food and positive vibes. With the artwork of local artist Francis Sling as backdrop, live painting sessions by Serena’s Art Factory, local art vendors and tasty bites prepared by the Curaçao Culinary Team, CHATA wanted to emphasize the importance of our local heritage, art, culture and people to further grow and develop the tourism sector.  “Just as today’s celebration is a collaboration of many local and international talents, so we must continue to combine our unique talents and resources to further grow our industry” according to Miles Mercera.

CHATA kicked of the new year together with industry professionals, government officials and key stakeholders in a new year’s event that took place on February 7 at Keizershof. During the event, CHATA presented its vision and goals for 2019. Furthermore, CHATA also took the opportunity to launch its new in room magazine and recognize Mr. Hugo Clarinda for his great contribution to the Tourism Industry.

Miles Mercera, President & CEO of CHATA addresses the membership in his opening speech where he spoke about the immense potential of the destination that can only be unlocked by the coming together of its people. Miles Mercera argues that Curaçao has only tapped about 30% of its true potential. “Imagine if we combined our talents and resources to tap into an additional 5% of our potential and reach an additional 40K visitors, the spin-off would be immense, namely an additional influx of 100 million USD in our economy. Miles continues by stating that Curaçao has a lot of room for growth to further develop the industry, we still have massive amounts of unique property available for development, room for growth in air service, available room inventory, a transportation industry with great potential to be brought to the next level, and the ability to create many new jobs for our local community. This however can only be achieved if Curaçao prioritizes the industry in all decisions that it takes on a daily basis.

CHATA launched its in room magazine, “InCuracao” that is exclusively available in all CHATA member accommodations. The magazine produced by CHATA Member, Fortress Interactive, holds a compilation of unique experiences for different travel types ranging from cultural explorers, foodies and adventure seekers.

CHATA also celebrated one of our industry professionals who has devoted himself with fervor to the growth of our Tourism Industry; Mr. Hugo Clarinda the Deputy Director of the Curaçao Tourism Board. This year Hugo celebrates 16 years within the tourism sector. Hugo started his journey at the Curaçao Tourist Board on September 22, 2003 as Sr. Management Assistant. From there he has worked his way up to Interim Director. A position he held for 5 years. CHATA and its members are extremely grateful for the tremendous contribution Hugo has made to the development of the tourism industry in the past years. From the great strides in tourism arrivals the industry has achieved under his leadership to the increase in airlift from different target markets. On behalf of the entire sector CHATA thanked Hugo for his hard work and is excited to continue working with Hugo in his new role at CTB.  

CHATA looks back at a successful event and is hopeful for the future and encourages the community to come and stay together to make 2019 our best year yet.  


CHATA ta selebrá komienso di aña huntu ku sektor di Turismo

I ta rekonosé  sr. Hugo Clarinda pa su tremendo kontribushon na e sektor


Willemstad, Djaweps 7 di Febrüari, 2019– CHATA su evento di komienso di aña tabata un eksploshon di kolo, arte, kuminda sukulento i un ambiente positivo. Ku e obra di arte di nos artista lokal Francis Sling komo background, un demostrashon di pintamentu dor di Serena’s Art Factory,  bendedónan di arte lokal i kuminda prepará pa e tim kulinario di Kòrsou, CHATA ke enfatisá e importansia di nos herensia lokal, arte, kultura i talento pa sigui krese I desaroyá nos Turismo. “Meskos ku awe nos selebrashon ta un kolaborashon di talento di diferente persona lokal i internashonal asina nos mester uni nos  talento i rekurso pa asina sigui krese nos industria” sigun Miles Mercera, Presidente i CEO di CHATA.  

Den un ambiente ameno ku invitadonan manera profeshonalnan den e sektor di turismo, ministernan konserní i invershonistanan, CHATA a selebrá komienso di aña dia 7 di febrüari na Keizershof. Durante di e evento CHATA a kompartí su metanan ku e ta aspirá pa logra den 2019. Ademas CHATA a tuma e oportunidat pa  lansa su revista, i tambe rekonosé sr. Hugo Clarinda pa su kontribushon na e sektor di turismo.

Miles Mercera a dirigí su mes na membresia den su speech kaminda e la papia tokante di e potensial inmenso di nos destinashon. Miles ta argumentá ku aktualmente Kòrsou ta eksplotando solamente 30% di su kapasidat total. Djis imaginabo si nos pone nos talento i rekursonan huntu i nos eksplotá un 5% adishonal di nos potensial i alkansá un kresementu di 40.000 turista pa aña. Esaki lo trese un spin off inmenso di 100 mion dollar adishonal den nos ekonomia. Miles ta kontinuá bisando ku Kòrsou tin hopi espasio pa kresementu pa sigui desaroyá e industria.  Ainda nos tin hopi propiedat úniko ku nos por desaroyá, un sektor di transporte kla pa sigui desaroyá  i abilidat pa krea hopi kupo di trabou pa nos komunidat lokal. Esaki nos por alkansá solamente si nos komo komunidat pone e sektor di Turismo komo prioridat den kada desishon ku nos tuma.

CHATA a lansa su revista, InCuracao, ku ta eksklusivamente disponibel den tur akomodashon ku ta miembro di CHATA. E revista, produsí pa Fortres Interactive, kende ta miembro di CHATA, ta un kompilashon di eksperensianan úniko pa diferente tipo di turista, variando for di esnan ku ta gusta kultura, kuminda pero tambe pa aventureronan.

Ademas, CHATA a selebrá un di nos profeshonalnan den industria kende a dediká su mes ku fervor pa kresementu di nos sektor; sr. Hugo Clarinda, Direktor Interino di ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou. E aña aki sr. Hugo ta selebrá 16 aña trahando den sektor di Turismo. El a kuminsá su karera na CTB na 22 di sèptèmber 2003 komo Sr. Management Assistant. Despues el a fungi komo Direktor Interino di CTB; un funshon ku el a ehersé pa 5 aña. CHATA i su miembronan ta ekstremadamente gradesido pa e tremendo kontribushon di sr. Hugo na desaroyo di nos industria di turismo den e añanan tras di lomba. For di e kresementu den kantidat di turista di estadia ku nos a konosé bou di su liderazgo te na e kresementu den buelonan for di diferente merkado. Na nòmber di sektor kompletu CHATA ta gradisí sr. Hugo pa su trabou duru i ta ansioso pa sigui traha kun’e den su funshon nobo na CTB.

CHATA ta wak bèk riba un evento eksitoso,ku speransa pa futuro i ta enkurashá komunidat kompletu pa bini i keda huntu pa asina nos hasi 2019 mas eksitoso posibel.

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