Philipsburg, January 6th 2019

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON


                        POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Vehicles damaged during shooting incident

The Detective department is presently investigating a shooting incident which probably took place late in the evening on Friday January 4th 2019 on the Old Simpson Bay road.  A police patrol was sent to the scene on Saturday January 5th at approximately 12.30 p.m. after the 911 dispatch received a call of the incident. On the scene the investigating officers found evidence on the scene which indicated the shots were indeed fired at that location. On the scene the investigating officers also located a vehicle with license plate P-5026 and noticed that the rear windshield had a bullet hole.

The investigators also found other evidence of the shooting in the immediate area. The Forensic department was called in to collect this evidence and detectives are still questioning potential witnesses to determine what exactly took place and who is responsible for the shooting. No one was reported injured.


Head-on collision two injured

The Police traffic Department is presently investigating a head-on traffic collision which took place on Sunday January 6th at approximately 04.10 a.m. at the Eastern Cause Way round about (Union road) at the French border involving a Hyundai Accent with license plate P-6244 and a Hyundai Santa Fe with license plate M-1238.

According to the report the driver of the Hyundai Accent ( M-6244) came from the bridge and made an illegal left turn towards Marigot (not going around the round about) and collided head-on with the M-1238  which at the time was coming from Marigot and heading into Cole Bay. The impact caused considerable damage to both vehicles and both drivers suffered bruises to their body and complained of pain in several areas of their body. Both victims were treated on the scene by paramedics however the driver of the P-6244 was taken to the hospital on the French side fro further treatment.

The driver of the P-6244 was not in the possession of a drivers license and has also committed several other traffic violations. Both vehicles were towed from the location.



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