CTB ta lansa ‘Abo tambe ta Turismo’ The CTB Launching “You’re Tourism Too”

CTB ta lansa ‘Abo tambe ta Turismo’

WILLEMSTAD- 23 di desèmber 2018 – Resientemente Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a lansa un seri di video nobo titulá ‘ Abo tambe ta Turismo’. Ta trata aki di un seri di videonan edukativo riba tereno di turismo.

Den kada video lo entrevistá personanan den nos komunidat kaminda ta konsientisá nan ku nan tambe ta forma parti sea direkto o indirekto di sektor di turismo. E videonan lo inkluí entrevista ku por ehèmpel un mekániko, un pintor, DJ i un bendedó di fruta. Kada persona mes lo bai mira nan balor pa e sektor di turismo. Den e promé video sr. Toni Castro ta sostené un entrevista ku direktor athunto di CTB, sr. Hugo Clarinda ku lo konta di su trabou i tambe desaroyo di turismo na Kòrsou.

Nos tur di un òf otro manera ta forma parti di sektor di turismo. Sigui Kòrsou ta Dushi riba Facebook, Instagram i Youtube pa bo por mira kada entrevista.



The CTB Launching “You’re Tourism Too”

WILLEMSTAD- December 23, 2018 – The Curacao Tourist Board (CTB) recently launched a new Papiamento-language series of tourism-themed educational shorts titled “Abo tambe Ta Turismo” (You’re Tourism Too).

Each video shows an interview with a different member of the local community, in which they become more aware of the fact that they too are either directly or indirectly part of the tourism industry. The videos include interviews with an automobile technician, a painter, a DJ and a fruit seller, with each ending up seeing their value to the tourism industry. In the first video, Toni Castro interviews the CTB’s deputy director Hugo Clarinda, who explains about his work and about tourism development in Curaçao.

In one way or another, we are all part of the tourism industry. Follow Kòrsou ta Dushi on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to watch all the interviews.

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