Philipsburg, December 21th 2018

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON


                        POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Preventative Joint Control

The KPSM’s Patrol Unit, Detectives and Immigration department joined forces with the Customs department on Thursday 20th December 2018, to conduct an island wide preventative control.

The controls were held in an effort to alleviate potential criminal actives and secure the safety of all citizens and tourist visiting the island during the holiday high season.

The officers focused on checking permits from different business establishments and followed up on information received to the Community Police officers from within their various assigned districts. The combined controls were conducted in the St. Peters, Dutch Quarter/Middle Region, in and around the Town area and over the hill in the Simpson Bay / Colebay area during the evening hours, based on the gathered information.

As a result one person who was residing on the island illegally, as well as one person with a fire-arm and two persons who were publicly intoxicated were arrested and taken into the Philipsburg police station.  The fire-arm was confiscated and the person in possession was held for questioning. The two persons who were intoxicated were given a fine. The illegal national was handed over to the immigration department.

Joint preventative controls are sleighed to continue throughout the Holiday day season and thereafter. The Sint Maarten Police force would like to ask all persons of the community to remain vigilant this so we all can enjoy a safe Christmas as we transition into a New Year.





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