peech Minister Divi-Corendon Inaugural Flight_16DEC2018

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

Great Cooperation, Beautiful Partnership. These are two of the many comments heard of a partnership between two exemplary airlines making the successful inauguration possible today of an important and much needed Brazilian market, Sao Paolo.

More than anything else, please allow me to extend a heartfelt warm welcome to the Brazilian people, Divi Divi Air and Corendon Dutch Airlines on its first touchdown on the soil of Curaçao from Sao Paulo, Brazil. We are so delighted to once again welcome our Brazilian brothers and sisters. This certainly deserves a Welcome Home sunny embrace.

Divi Divi Air and Corendon Dutch Airlines, are two exemplary airlines and here is why. Divi Divi Air has forever survived this local cut throat market by progressing slowly, one step at a time and being on-time. Very important ingredients for success.

Corendon Airlines, established in 2005, with their “Make a difference” slogan and Corendon Dutch airlines, established in 2011 is one of the airlines with an impressive safety record, 145 destinations in 45 countries, transporting 3 million passengers each year, in addition to being one of the few airlines with certificates to be jealous of.

Corendon possesses an ISO 10002 “Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction” Certificate,

ISO 9001 “Quality Management System” Certificate,

ISO 14001 “Environment Management System” Certificate,

ISO 27001 “Information Protection Management System” Certificate, just to mention a few. Corendon also possesses more than 10 aircraft, including the brand new ultra-modern Boeing 737 MAX 800 aircraft.

I just cannot shy away, and I have to say that I am so proud to be part of this. So proud to support this beautiful and positive event and so proud to welcome the Brazilian people. This event feels like receiving a Christmas present.

This flight is the beginning of many to come in connecting Curaçao with the South American Brazilian market. This opens up the door for many more possibilities and growth.

Once again, we extend to you a sunny warmhearted Welcome. Masha Masha Danki, Bon Bini and many many more happy landings.

Thank you!




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