Philipsburg, December 2nd 2018

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON


                        POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Man shot in Sint Peters

Around midnight between December 1st and 2nd several police patrols, Detectives, Paramedics and Forensic Department were sent on the crossing of Sint Peters road and Apricot road to investigate a shooting that was reported at that location. On the scene the investigating officers encountered the mail victim who had was shot in his upper body. The victim was immediately treated by paramedics and then taken to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further medical treatment.

The scene was cordoned-off by police for the Detectives to speak to potential witnesses and for the Forensic Department to collect evidence. Thus far no suspect in this case has been arrested. The reason for the shooting is still unclear and Detectives are investigating to find out the exact reason. The victim at this time remains in the hospital for observation and further medical treatment.

More details regarding this case are not available at this time. As more details become available the media will be informed.

Landfill (The Dump) on fire

On Saturday evening the Emergency Dispatch received several calls informing them that the Dump on the Landfill was once again fire. The Fire department and Department of VROMI were informed of the situation. The fire in the meantime had grown quite large and posed danger to community living in Philipsburg and the surrounding areas.

The Police Department is informing the public that lives downwind of this fire to take all measures necessary to avoid the inhalation of this very toxic smoke.

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