SINT MAARTEN POLICE REPORT OvD Training for Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatch Personnel


Philipsburg, November 9th 2018

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON

                                               POLICE PRESS RELEASE

OvD Training for Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatch Personnel

On November 7th 2018, a “Officier van Dienst” (OvD) training was held by Henk Velthuis and Jan Toubes of the police department. The OvD is a crisis management training which is of great importance for the direct control and handling of large-scale and / or special incidents. It was held at the Fire department for the Police, Fire and Ambulance dispatch personnel.

The training focused on the various responsibilities each dispatch center has to encounter in mitts of a crisis call, to give feedback on how to give the best response service possible and how they can work towards strengthening the working relationship among the departments dispatch centers.

Guest speaker Arcides Cristina of the ambulance department and Nico van Zand of the fire department were among some of the guest speakers that spoke about the importance of a functioning relationship among the departments dispatchers, the awareness of what each department encounter on their emergency calls and the relevance of effective of communication between the dispatch and the first responders prior to a arrival on the scene of a incident.

This OvD training was the first time the dispatchers from the different departments were all in the same room together having a discussion about each other’s processes, which is among one of the major reasons the OVD training was deemed a great success. The training showed how valuable it is to work together, the importance of communication among the different departments.

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