SINT MAARTEN POLICE PRESS RELEASE 06112018-1 School fight investigation – Traffic accident involving student


Philipsburg, November 6th 2018

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON

                                               POLICE PRESS RELEASE

School fight investigation

In connection with the fight which took place on the school bus on November 5th 2018, which was posted on Social Media, detectives of the Police Youth and Morals Department have located the victim. The victim in the presence of her parents has filed an official complaint.

The suspect with the initials: M.R.K. 19 years old was arrested in connection with this investigation and she will remain in custody for questioning and further investigations.


Traffic accident involving student


The Police Traffic Department is presently investigating a traffic accident involving a student from the Sint Maarten Vocational School riding a scooter without license plate or any other documents and a private vehicle with license-plate M-8163. The accident took place on Tuesday November 6th at approximately 01.30 p.m. on the crossing of L.B. Scot road and Mess-apple road.

According to the reports the driver of M-8163 did not give right of way to the scooter causing them to collide. The scooter rider suffered minor injuries however he was transported to the medical centre for further treatment.    



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