SINT MAARTEN POLICE REPORT: Female falls from high rise building – Students from secondary schools fight – Man seriously injured at workplace.


Philipsburg, November 2nd 2018

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON

                                               POLICE PRESS RELEASE

Female falls from high rise building

On Thursday, November 1st at approximately 08.05 p.m. police patrols and paramedics were sent to Jordan Village Q building located in Cupe a Coy to investigate a report of a female laying on the ground. On the arrival of the investigating officers, the victim was being attended to by paramedics. The victim was complaining of serious pain to her body.

According to report the victim identified with initials D.G. (24) from Moldavia and a dancer at a popular night club on the island live on the 7th floor of the apartment-building. Her companion identified with initials C.M.Q. (43) who talked to the investigating officers stated he was asleep and when he awaken he did not see her in the apartment. He then went searching for her and found her being treated by paramedics and had no idea what had happened.

Detectives and paramedics were sent to the scene to collect evidence and speak to potential witnesses. The victim was transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center where she was admitted in very critical condition for further treatment.

It is still unclear what exactly happened and detectives and Forensic investigators are putting the pieces together. As soon as more information becomes available the media will be informed.


Students from secondary schools fight

On Thursday, November 1st a police at approximately 01.00 p.m. a police patrol was directed by the Emergency Dispatch to go in the vicinity of the Roman Catholic Church in Reward in connection with a serious fight that was going on between students from secondary schools.

On the scene the investigating officers were informed that those involved in the fights used sticks as weapons. During the fight two students suffered injuries to the head which had to be stitched. In connection with this fight one female (14) and one male (15) were arrested and taken to the Police Station in Philipsburg where they were handed over to the Juvenile and Morals department for questioning. After questioning both suspects were released in the custody of their parents.

It is still unclear why this fight took place and will be investigated by the Juvenile and Morals Department to determine the exact cause.

Man seriously injured at workplace.

On Friday November2nd early in the morning police was sent to Westin Hotel in Dawn beach where it was reported that a worker had fallen from the third floor of a construction site. On the scene the investigating officers encountered the victim who was being treated by paramedics. According to reports the victim was leaning against a railing that did not support his weight. He lost his balance and fell to ground seriously injuring him self. The victim was transported in critical condition to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.  

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