Fogging Notice 

Fogging Notice 

Residents of Sint Maarten are hereby notified that Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor plans to undertake additional measures to the Vector Control Program through ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging for adult mosquitoes on the island. The Ministry will start with the fogging activity as of Monday, November 5th from 06.00am to 08.00 am. or 6:00 pm. to 8:30 pm, with scheduled dates per district.

The fogging will start in the areas with highest House Index for mosquito counts, for example: Sucker Garden, Middle Region, Dutch Quarter, Defiance, Illigde/Over the Pond, Over the Bank, Guana Bay, Hope Estate, Cay Hill/Belair, Point Blanche, Cul-de-Sac, Cole Bay, Cay bay, Maho Reef, Airport Road etc.

In the event fogging is postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions, it will be re-scheduled to the next suitable day and information will be shared  on a continuous basis in which areas and days fogging will take place.

Important guidelines to remember while fogging is ongoing in your neighborhood:
1. While the fogging operations will have some success in killing adult mosquitoes in the areas that are treated, the residents of Sint Maarten are warned that this activity alone is not enough to structurally affect the mosquito population or protect everyone.
2. To reduce and control the mosquito population several actions need to be taken not only by public authorities but also by each resident. These include making sure there are no mosquitoes breeding sites in your yard, such as tires, drums, buckets and any water storage containers and that you also protect your family from mosquito bites inside and outside of the house during the day and in the early morning and evening.
3. The Ministry reminds the public that the best way to keep mosquitoes away is to eliminate all possible breeding sites.
A. Leave all doors and windows open to allow the insecticide to enter the building or house
B. Prevent pets of coming in contact with the insecticide
C. Toys for children should be covered, stored away and washed as caution to ensure protection
D. All water containers and foodstuffs etc. must be well protected from exposure to the fogging

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