Design Week in Curaçao!

This is the first annual Design Week Curacao exhibition where the focus is on local and international design on a professional level.
This event contains exhibitions taking place in the Miami Building in Scharloo Abou, there will be a photography exhibition in the former Casa Moderna building (Uniarte) in Punda and an historical exhibition at N.A.A.M in Pietermaai.

Product and Fashion Design from Curacao that will be shown are:

Eveline Sipkes, Francine O’Connor, Lisette Keus, Marianne van Ommen, Giovani Abath, Junaiska Geferts, Roberto Tjon-A-Meeuw, Suzette Rosaria, Angeli Vergeli, Beck Jewels, Cleo Maxime, Eugene Maduro, Marie-Louise Klijn, Mateo Mariani, Tatiana Felix, Francis Victor Sling, Wenell Elisabeth, Inonge Andala and Juan Carlos Padrino.

From Aruba:
Elisa Lejuez, Gionina Ghislaine Engelhardt, Merveline Geerman-Giel and Rhona Lemminga

From the Netherlands:
David Paulus, Rushemy Botter, Jermick Wawoe, Michelangelo Winklaar, Anbasja Blanken, Dauvia Nijnenhuis, Dorry Timmermans, Gregorie Bolder, Joyce Verhagen, Kasper Jongejan, Monique Dessar, Nawed Elias, Niki Bierling Van de Berg, Sara-Louise van Velse, Shivra van Baast, Vida Soheili, Adinda Anna Bongers, and Annalie van Doorn.

Participating photographers: Richard Terborg (CUR/NL), Kevin Osepa (CUR/NL) Paco Nuñez (NL), Brett Russel (CUR) Grayson Visceiza (CUR) and Rowald de Graaff (AUA).
Each year there are several themes of design. This year is the pilot starting with Fashion and Product design. Curacao is growing in design and we want to highlight this to the public, showing how much employement and growth the future holds with local design.

During the opening the 31st of October, minister Steven Martina from Economic Development (MEO) and minister of Culture and Education ms Alcalá-Wallé will be doing the opening ceremony and many guests in the design world of Curacao are invited. The opening is at the Miami Building at 6.30 and the rest of the evening will be held at Fleur the Marie Eatery,  around the corner.

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