Philipsburg, October 1st 2018

From: Chief Inspector R.V. HENSON


Father and son arrested

A father identified with initials P.M. and son with initials J.M. were both arrested by police officers arrived at a traffic accident in which they involved. During the investigation of the accident and without reason the son J.M. started to threaten and insult the officers. When the patrol wanted to arrest him he started to resist heavily. His father P.M. joined in the resistance to prevent his son from being arrested. The father was also arrested and both were taken to the Police Head Quarters for questioning and further investigation.

Man arrested for criminal investigation

A male suspect identified with initials D.C.  (24) was arrested by the Police Juvenile and Morals Department suspected of having sexual relations with a female minor. The suspect remains in custody for questioning and further investigation.

Two injured in traffic accident

The Police Traffic Department is presently investigating a traffic accident which took place on Welfare road in the vicinity of Snoopy’s bar on Sunday September 30th at approximately 10.50 p.m. A pedestrian identified with initials R.G. while crossing the street was struck by a scooter ridden by the man identified with initials M.L.V. The scooter rider as a result of the accident lost control and fell to the ground. The pedestrian suffered a broken left arm, a broken right ankle, an open wound



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