National Tourism Conference: Turismo, Kòrsou su prioridat number 1 / National Tourism Conference: Tourism, Curaçao’s number one priority

National Tourism Conference: Turismo, Kòrsou su prioridat number 1


WILLEMSTAD- 26 di sèptèmber 26 2018 – Minister enkargá ku desaroyo ekonómiko,

Dr. Steven Martina a hasi apertura ofisial di e konferensia nashonal di turismo djárason 26 di sèptèmber. ‘Awendia hopi posibilidat ta presentá den forma di  problema. Liderazgo real lo ta e diferensia.’ Minister Martina ta konvensí ku CTB i CHATA ta mustrando e liderazgo aki dor di traha huntu na implementashon di e Plan Maestro di Turismo.

Banda di desaroyo di nos produkto turístiko i akseso aéreo, merkadeo ta un parti importante di e plan. Huntu ku tur stakeholder un branding nobo a keda desaroyá pa Kòrsou. Pa a yega na e branding nobo, a tuma komo punto di salida e perspektiva di e bishitante.

Miles Mercera, CEO di e organisashon di hospitalidat CHATA ta spera ku e konferensia lo logra pa nos hasi turismo e prioridat number unu pa Kòrsou. ‘Nos mester move lihé, pa kontestá e yamada di turismo.’ E yamada aki ta pa enfrentá e desafionan ku Mercera a trese dilanti manera entre otro desempleo grandi i e grado abou di ganashi den nos sektor turístiko. Mester hasi turismo nos prioridat i laga turismo bira e motor pa sigui krese nos ekonomia.

Greg Klassen prosedente di Canada ta un di e oradónan internashonal ku a hiba palabra. Den su presentashon  ‘Canada’s Path to Tourism Competitiveness’ Klassen a splika kon Canada a realisá ku e turista di awendia ke un eksperensia eksplorando e destinashon. Den e branding di Canada e aspekto aki a keda inkorporá di un manera sumamente eksitoso.

Julie-Anne Burrowes den su presentashon ‘New Generation Cruising’ a mustra riba importansia di opshonnan mas duradero den sektor krusero. Esei ta loke pasaheronan kier i mester por ofresé nan esaki. Kòrsou tin un potensial grandi den sektor krusero, pero mester tuma algun akshon importante.

Durante diferente di e seshonnan den grupo mas chikí, a bini dilanti e nesesidat pa Kòrsou mantené su outentisidat. Mester keda outéntiko pa yuda krea un eksperensia inolvidabel pa bishitante den grupo i pa yuda kuida nos patrimonio.

E sektor kompleto ta komprondé e importansia di un Lei di Turismo pa regulá diferente aspekto di e sektor i ta pará kla pa yuda yega na esaki. Di otro banda, Gobièrnu ta konta tambe ku e sektor mes lo traha na nan propio regulashon.

Organisadónan di National Tourism Conference, Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) huntu ku Ministerio di Desaroyo Ekonómiko (MEO), Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA), Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) i Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post (BT&P)  ta spera ku tur partido den sektor di turismo na final di e konferensia lo ta inspirá pa traha huntu na realisashon di e máksimo potensial turístiko di Kòrsou.




National Tourism Conference: Tourism, Curaçao’s number one priority


WILLEMSTAD- September 26, 2018- WILLEMSTAD- Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina officially opened the National Tourism Conference on Wednesday September 26. ‘We are faced with possibilities, disguised as difficulties. It takes a leader to see the difference.’ And the Minister is sure CTB and CHATA are showing that leadership by working together implementing the

Tourism Master Plan.

Besides Product and Air Lift development, Marketing is a key part of the master plan and together with all stakeholders a new branding for the destination was developed. This thorough development process took the perspective of the visitors to Curaçao as starting point.


Miles Mercera, CEO of the hospitality branch organization CHATA hopes the conference can conclude in making tourism the number one priority for Curaçao. ‘We have to move fast, the answer the call of tourism.’ Mercera summed big challenges like the current big unemployment and the low profitability of our tourism sector Curaçao has to address as a whole, to make tourism a driving force

of the economy.

Greg Klassen from Canada was one of the international speakers at the conference.  In his key note address, “Canada’s Path to Tourism Competitiveness” he explained how Canada understood the client of today wants to have an experience of exploring and used this in their branding in a very successful way.

Julie-Anne Burrowes addressed in her key note “New Generation Cruising” the importance of sustainable cruise options. Passengers are demanding this and we have to provide this. Curaçao has a big potential in cruise tourism, but important actions are needed.


The need to maintain Curaçaos authenticity was mentioned in several of the concurrent sessions. Be it to create an unforgivable experience for MICE visitors, in preserving our physical environment.

The whole sector see the need of an all including Tourism Law and is prepared to participate. But the

Government expects some self-regulation too.

The organizers of the National Tourism Conference, Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB), in collaboration with the Ministry of Economic Development (MEO), the Curaçao Hospitality and Tourism Association (CHATA), Curaçao Ports Authority (CPA) and Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post (BT&P) hopes all stakeholders leave the conference inspired to pull together to realize Curaçaos’ full tourism potential.







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