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Minister Steven Martina viahe pa Ulanda su prome dia

Video relato di biahe dia 1
Video travel report day 1

Spoken in papiamento, subtitled in English (seems that subtitling does not work on all devices, our apologies)

Today we had a very interesting day. We started with a visit to our Minister Plenipotentiary, Mr Begina and his staff, where we discussed many relevant topics and developments in the Netherlands.
Afterwards we paid a visit to Mr Hans de Boer, President VNO-CNW. Here we discussed relevant topics related to economic development in the Netherlands, internationally and in Curaçao. And how Curaçao can continue to work on her economic development considering all these developments.
We just finished a visit to the Port of Rotterdam where we talked with the executives of Port of Rotterdam and explored various possibilities to strategic alliances.
A full and interesting day!

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