Curacao Extreme Foundation konferensia di prensa dragrace ku ta tuma luga 27, 28 i 29 di April 2018.

Tentative race schedule april 2018  (rev 1:3)


Testday April 26th ,2018  Keuring (13:00 – 18:00) (for locals+International)

                                        Test      (18:00 – 23:00) (for locals+International)              

Friday April 27th, 2018 (19:00 – 02:00,Gates open at 18:00)

Curaçao Extreme ET Bracket (NO BOX,NO ELECTRONICS)               8.90 – 13.99

Curaçao Extreme Super Comp Bike (Max 32 Bikes)                           8.90 – 9.20

Curaçao Extreme Super Gas                                                     9.90 – 10.20

Curaçao Extreme Pro Comp*                                                  7.90 – 8.20

Curaçao Extreme Jr Dragsters

Road Test + Qualifying Curaçao Extreme Pro Bike*

 Road Test + Qualifying Curaçao Extreme Imports&Domestic*           8.20 or Faster (Ladder)


Saturday April 28th, 2018 (18:00 – 02:00, Gates Open at 17:00)   

Curaçao Extreme Quick 32 Bikes                                            Fastest 32 Bikes

Curaçao Extreme Import Class                                                11.50 or Faster

Curaçao Extreme Super Comp                                                          8.90 – 9.20

Curaçao Extreme Top sportsman*                                           6.00 – 8.50

Curaçao Extreme Jr Dragsters

Road Test + 2nd Qualifying Curaçao Extreme pro Bike*

Road Test + 2nd Qualifying Curaçao Extreme Imports&Domestic* 8.20 or Faster (Ladder)


Sunday April 29th, 2018 (16:00 – 12:00, Gates open at 15:00)

Curaçao Krioyo Bracket (IHRA BOX)                                                 7.00 – 10.99

Curaçao Extreme Sportsman Bike (1)                                                 9.20 – 11.50

Curaçao Extrem Krioyo Outlaw Bikes                                    (Fastest 16 Bikes)

Curaçao Extreme Jr Dragsters

Eliminations Curaçao Extreme Pro Bike*

Eliminations Curaçao Extreme Imports&Domestic*                8.20 or Faster (Ladder)


(One (1) Qualifying Round Only)


Important Notice

Tentative race schedule is subject to changes!!!

This schedule does not reflect the order in which the race classes will be run. Please refer to the daily race schedule supplied on the specific race day for the actual schedule and times.

Note: Classes marked with an asterisk(*) will be run only if there are sufficient Cars/Bike


Paisnan partisipante ta:

Korsou, Aruba, Bonaire, Puerto Rico, Usa,Santo Domingo, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela.

For di Puerto Rico nos tin :

Dayaal        (Mazda rx7)

New Chacho        (Datsun 1200 – Pretu – Rotary 13b)

Doña Silvia          (Starlet shinishi – motor sr20)

New Rooster        (Datsun 1200 – Blou – Rotary)

El Edwin              (Mazda rx7 )

El Mio         (Toyota Corolla- Pretu)

La Loma     (Corvette gel)


For di Merka:

La Criatura (Toyota Camry – 2jz)

For di Santo Domingo:

El Barney (Toyota sr – lila)

La Menoy (Supra gel)


For di Panama:

Blackmax dragster



For di Venezuela:

Sapato Grande

For di Colombia :

Cuervo 2

Jr dragster for di Aruba, Puerto Rico, Korsou

21 April 2018 Local test entrada pa hende grandi 15,- florin I pa mucha 5,- florin

25 april 2018 Autoshow na brionplein kompletamente gratis.

26 April 2018 International test day entrada pa hende grandi 20,- florin I pa mucha 5,- florin.

27-28-29 April 2018 Race day package pa e 3 dia nan ta 100,- florin den pre-sale e ta 85,- . mucha package pa 3 dia ta 25,- florin I pa dia 10,- florin.

Pa dia ta 35,- pa hende grandi i pa mucha 10,- florin.

Punto nan di benta ta:

Arpo Body Shop

Seal Embroidery

Henriquez law

Barberia jerrel

Topaz party place

I pa delivery por yama 691-2515


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