New CIFA Board Members

CIFA, Curacao International Financial Association, is happy to introduce our four new board members that were elected by the members present at our annual general member’s meeting which was held on Tuesday March 20th.

We are happy with this group of people who we believe will keep the balance and variety within our board and at the same time enforce our team with their knowledge to continue to work together for a better financial sector in Curacao.

CIFA under the lead of Anuschka Cova (President) and Zuleika Lasten (Vice President), has a dynamic and hands on approach where Board members work in close cooperation with each other, members and Government. They represent professionals from several sectors i.e. trust, funds, fiscal, lawyers and aircraft/shipping specialist that want to safeguard a healthy collaboration and communication with Government and stakeholders in benefit of the FS but where they want to ensure at the same time that Curacao as a jurisdiction remains competitive, compliant, transparent and innovative. The FS is one of the  pillars of the economy of Curacao and its survival and growth depends on how agile we are as a country and how we position ourselves. With sticker local and international regulatory landscape Curacao has to move very quickly to adapt, change, and adopt legislation and products in order to remain competitive.

New elected Board members:

  • Mrs. Elaine Alsen-Behr – HBM Group
  • Mrs. Selina Neuman – Laad Americas N.V.
  • Ms. Sueena Francisco – Ox-Wolf
  • Mr. Bryan Irausquin – EY

We would also like to thank our fellow board members that helped us during the last four years. Mr. Wendell Meriaan (Meijburg), Ms. Sabine Altena (Ox & Wolf), Ms. Heidi Getrouw (CBA), Mr. Raoul Behr (HBM Group) and Mr. Edmond Martes (IBA). We wish you lots of success in your next endeavors.


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