Words of thanks to the community

The management team of the KPSM is extending sincere words of gratitude to the community for their continued support and mainly during this very difficult time after the passing of hurricane Irma. The police force has been doing and will continue to do its utmost to give the best service possible and provide safety and security to the community of Sint Maarten and its visitors which has always been priority.
The police force will continue to inform the community via regular press releases and via our Face book page. We invite the community to visit and follow us on our Face Book page. We thank all those persons in the community who have shared information with us, as a personal message and encourage them to continue to do so. Sharing information with the police department has been very instrumental in solving many criminal cases and resolving other problems within the community. The Police Face book page is visited by many persons on a daily basis and our followers have soured above 5000. KPSM will continue to reach out to the community for help in the battle against crime and other illegal activities. The police cannot solve crime alone and is looking forward for the support from the community to assist. The community and police department working together, can create a true feeling of safety and security for everyone on Sint Maarten.

Suspect in the SZV investigation turns himself in

The suspect O.A. in the ongoing SZV ill-treatment investigation turned himself in at the Police Head quarters in Philipsburg on Friday November 24th. He was accompanied by his lawyer and two local journalists. The suspect was immediately arrested and taken into custody where he will remain for questioning and further investigation. The suspect has been cooperating totally with the investigation. As part of the investigation, a copy of the security surveillance video from SVZ was handed to detectives handling the case on which it is clear to see what exactly transpired during this incident at the SZV office on Thursday November 23rd. More details regarding this investigation are not available at this time. As more details become available the media will informed.

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