Public Prosecutors Bulletin SXM:

Public Prosecutors Bulletin SXM:

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) Sint Maarten handled a total of 155 cases since the passage of hurricane “Irma” on September 6 till  today, October 6 2017.

The following cases were registered by the Prosecutor’s Office:
56 curfew related cases
23 looting
51 fencing/theft
15 firearms
15 drugposession
5 not following policeorders
4 abuse
1 murder
And other cases such as public intoxication and attempted theft.

Of these cases a total of 70 were handled outside the court, the so called “conditionals”. The suspects all received a conditional sentence wich include the forced labour without pay (werkstraf).

155 Cases is relatively high. In a common year the office of the OM on Sint Maarten registers approx 500 cases. During the 2 months after “Irma” the office handled approx. 35 % of its normal yearly production.

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