​Enfrente di e ofisina di CTB……..Desvelo bòrchi ‘Kòrsou ta dushi. Bib’é. Stim’é. /  In front of the CTB Office…..‘Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it.’ Signage Unveiled

Enfrente di e ofisina di CTB……..

Desvelo bòrchi ‘Kòrsou ta dushi. Bib’é. Stim’é.

WILLEMSTAD- 12 di òktober 2017 – Resientemente Minister enkargá ku Desaroyo Ekonómiko, Dr. Steven Martina huntu ku e tim di Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) a desvelá e bòrchi di  ‘Kòrsou ta Dushi. bib’é. stim’é’ enfrente di e ofisina di CTB na Pietermaai. ‘Kòrsou ta Dushi. bib’é. stim’é’ ta nòmber di e kampaña di konsientisashon nobo ku CTB a lansa dia 24 di sèptèmber último. Meta di e kampaña ta pa konsientisá habitantenan di Kòrsou riba e privilegio di ta biba na Kòrsou i di ta forma parti di e komunidat di Kòrsou. E kampaña ta dirigí riba nos komunidat kompletu. E kampaña ta stimulá pa hasi nos mas orguyoso di nos kultura, naturalesa i historia. E enfoke lo ta pa konosé, kuida i pone atenshon na nos mes, nos bisindario i nos pais, nos dushi Kòrsou. Pa mas informashon di e kampaña bishitá e wèpsait òf ‘Korsou ta dushi’ riba 

 In front of the CTB Office…..

‘Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it.’ Signage Unveiled

WILLEMSTAD- October 12, 2017 – Recently, the Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina together with the CTB team unveiled the ‘Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it.’ signage in front of the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) office located at Pietermaai. ‘Curaçao is “dushi.” Live it. Love it.’ is the new awareness campaign launched by the CTB on September 24 of this year. The campaign’s objective is to make Curaçaoans more keenly aware of what a privilege it is to live in Curaçao and be part of the Curaçao community. The campaign targets the community as a whole and aims to make people on the island feel more proud of their culture, nature and history. The focus will be on knowing, caring for and paying attention to yourself, your neighborhood and your country—dushi Curaçao. For more information on this campaign, please visit or ‘Korsou ta dushi’ on

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