CTB no tin akuerdo ku Uber – No Agreement between the CTB and Uber

CTB no tin akuerdo ku Uber

WILLEMSTAD- 7 di ougùstùs 2017 – Ofisina di Turismo di Kòrsou (CTB) ta informá di a tuma nota di publikashonnan riba medionan sosial kaminda ta indiká ku CTB lo a sera un akuerdo ku Uber sin a konsulta ku shofùrnan di taksi aki na Kòrsou. Uber ta un konsepto internashonal kaminda konduktornan privá ta afiliá i ta brinda nan servisio di transportá pa òf for di un sitio na klientenan. Reservashon pa esaki e kliente ta hasi online i e pago ta bai via di su tarheta di krédito. E informashon ku CTB lo a sera un akuerdo ku Uber pa brinda e servisio aki na Kòrsou no ta kuadra ku bèrdat.

CTB no ta e instansia outorisá pa drenta ningun tipo di akuerdo ku ta enserá transporte komo ku esaki no ta kai bou di e kompetensianan di e ofisina. Ademas CTB no ta kere ku un tipo di konsepto manera esun di Uber lo funshoná na Kòrsou mirando nos leinan aktual.

CTB a tuma nota tambe ku den e informashon ku a sali riba medionan sosial kaminda ta propagandá e servisio di Uber na Kòrsou ta hasi uso inkorektamente di CTB su logo di merkadeo kual lo por duna e impreshon ku CTB ta asosiá ku e servisio aki. Ta trata aki di un logo protehá pa kual motibu CTB kier informá ku no ta outorisá pa usa e logo di CTB sin outorisashon di e ofisina.


No Agreement between the CTB and Uber

WILLEMSTAD- August 7, 2017 – The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) has taken note of posts on social media stating that the CTB has entered into an agreement with Uber without first consulting local taxi drivers on Curaçao. Uber is an international concept to which private drivers affiliate themselves to offer transportation services to or from specific locations. Reservations are made online and payments are made by credit card. The report about the agreement between the CTB and Uber for these services to be provided on the island of Curaçao is false.

The CTB cannot enter into any agreement regarding transportation, as this goes beyond the Board’s authority. Furthermore, in view of current legislation on Curaçao, the CTB is not of the opinion that a concept such as Uber’s would be feasible locally.

The CTB has also taken note of the misuse of the CTB’s marketing logo in the report posted on social media advertising Uber’s services on Curaçao, possibly giving the impression that the CTB is somehow affiliated to this service. The logo in question is a registered trademark and the CTB hereby advises that its unauthorized use constitutes trademark infringement.

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